About Us


LuggageWorks was founded in 1989 under the name of Purdy Neat Things.
The thought was that we could manufacture superior rolling bags that would be preferred by airline crew members.


Over the years, our designs have changed and we have added to the product line to meet the needs of our customer base.  But, our emphasis has always been on providing the highest quality rolling bags and accessories.  Our “Stealth” Pilot Bag is the only metal frame rolling bag in the industry and is preferred by tens of thousands of airline pilots.  We have added to the Stealth line over the years by offering both a Suiter version and a Computer Front version.


We changed the name from Purdy Neat Things to LuggageWorks in 2000 to better describe the business we are in.  However, we still market ourselves as the Home of Purdy Neat Luggage.  We also added our website www.luggageworksonline.com  thus making it possible for the general public to also purchase our luggage.  We’re sure you will recognize what the airline crew members have known for many years—Purdy Neat Things luggage, provided by LuggageWorks, is simply the best, most durable luggage in the world.


We continue to stress “word of mouth” advertising as our primary means of reaching new customers. 


In addition to providing a superior line of luggage for our customers, we also provide embroidery services to include airline and corporate logos as well as monogramming.


"We truly look forward to meeting your luggage needs."


Ben Henderson


LuggageWorks, Inc.